Book Moments

What reading feels like - contrast

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                                                      flying book     


                      Are you mad

   book storage 1   storage 2
Secret book storage... medicine cabinet, storage box, cut-out book storage                                                




books as time machines Reading at nightturn off the TV and read a book   'Time Machines have existed for centuries.                                                                                                                                    
   They're called books'.

movies and books     When cold     book - noun


bookmarks fantasy post  too much to read


Benefits of Books      Abibliophobia        Reading as Escape


 Debby and Yvonne in the Boobooks shop...                                                               Jorge Luis Borges...
Debby and Yvonne shelving books      Debby and Yvonne in Children's area -contrast and clarity                   Borges quote


 Inside Boobooks shop...                     Our Pobblebonk cafe                                          Chess seating
Inside Boobooks   cafe   chess set    
   And places to sit and peruse a book...
  seating 4           seating 6           seating 1                                                   
 Groucho Marx...
groucho marx    groucho marx 2     




quitting reading   round table