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After a day's flying, the falcons arrive in a large city. They make their nest on a ledge in a multi-storey building, and the male sets off to hunt for prey. Everything in the city mimics what he is used to in the country, but is subtly different: thus high-rise buildings appear to him as cliffs and canyons, and children in a playground are like brightly coloured animals. The falcon must constantly use his wild instincts to cope with new situations. There are many dangers to face. Can the birds adapt and survive?

About The Author

Award-winning Australian-based author and illustrator Narelle Oliver feels extremely lucky to have a career that she enjoys so passionately. The creator of the picture books The Best Beak in Boonaroo Bay and Sand Swimmers, as well as a compilation of mermaid lore titled Mermaids Most Amazing, Oliver first became interested in children's books while she was working as a teacher at the Queensland School for the Deaf. Utilizing picture books in the classroom, and often creating them with her students, Oliver thoroughly enjoyed the process so much that she decided to write and illustrate her own.


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