Secondhand books and new titles.

We have over 40,000 titles of mainly secondhand books. We are also very supportive of local authors, and have new books in stock.



Debby & Yvonne

Boobooks was established in 2006 in Armidale, NSW, by Jon Rooney and Sally Rowe.   During a long road trip, Debby and Yvonne were discussing the imminent demise of the much loved Boobooks bookshop, as John and Sally were retiring. On their way back to Armidale Debby and Yvonne made a decsion to go into business together and made an offer to buy Boobooks - and the rest is history!




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As children of the '60s, we grew up with weird and wild events and try to capture some of the bohemian spirit in our monthly Soirees, theme days and events.


We aspire for Boobooks to become larger than just a bookshop. A place that draws the community together. All sorts of people connecting over a shared love of books and our world.


Our New Cafe


Tea, coffee and cakes (including Keto and Gluten-free) are currently available from 9am to 1pm, Monday to Saturday.


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