Great Australian Railway Stories - Bill 'Swampy' Marsh

Great Australian Railway Stories - Bill 'Swampy' Marsh

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Foreword by Tim Fischer

In the frustrating days of semi-automated electric trains, it is hard to remember the smell of coal smoke, the hiss of steam, and sting of cinders flying into your eyes as you hung out a window. There was romance then, in working and travelling on the Australian railways, and hardship. With his passion for the olden days worn on his sleeve and his famous ear for a good yarn well pricked, Bill 'Swampy' Marsh has found stories from drivers and gangers, stokers and crossing guards, their families and everyone in between, to create a collection of adventures that tell in their authentic voices of the funny, dramatic and hilarious times of a world long past.

Condition: Soft cover. Used book as new.

Published: ABC Books, 2005

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