Thunderbolt's last hours - Russ Blanch

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A new book release, about the bushranger, Thunderbolt, his last shootout with trooper Walker and the aftermath. It is a gripping narrative of how the outlaw was finally cornered, shot and bludgeoned, at Kentucky Creek in northern New South Wales. Three women were involved in the Australian bushranger's last days. Their pioneering lives are carefully sketched, together with that of colonial New England. From the Gold rush era, we meet the defiant Eliza, the Inn Keeper's Irish wife. This publication is partly fictionalised, but very firmly based on the real life events of 1870 . It is a record of the dramatic happenings at the Royal Oak Inn near Church Gully. It is a remarkable account with newly researched information. Here is the full story of the people he kidnapped and terrified, as well as the full report from the official Magisterial Inquiry. The reader will follow the lives of the last of the witnesses, including the young girl, Annie. The author unravels the mystery of Thunderbolt's missing pistol . This book will indeed compel you to turn the pages.

Condition: New, softcover

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